Heimgesucht by Silas Degen
(Shot in march 2024, in post-production)

 Dokufiction | Color | 16:9 | 2024 | Germany

Alexa Mini | Cooke S4/i
Funded by Nordmedia

Like millions of other children in Germany, our protagonists were sent to a so-called “children's cure” at pre-school age in the 50's, 60's. The cures advertised 6-week trips with good food and fresh forest air. For some years now, more and more of those affected have been breaking their decades-long silence and reporting on abuses in multitudes of those displacement homes. In the Johannaberg home, children also experienced violence and humiliations.
The united group of protagonists returns to the home where they were sent to as kids. Accompanied by the camera, they process their traumatic memories through scenes they decided to re-enact together. 

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